10th - 12th May

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About The Event

Deerwalk Institute of Technology

Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) is an educational institution that prepares students and professionals of all levels to meet the problems and grab the possibilities of the twenty-first century IT Industry. The institute is well-known for its approach to learning that is both open-minded and responsible. It has an affiliation with Tribhuvan University and offers two undergraduate degrees, BSc. CSIT and BCA.

DeerHack 2024

DeerHack 2024 is a 48-hour hackathon where developers, designers, students, entrepreneurs, educators, and mentors work together to build ideas that solve real-world complications. DeerHack provides an opportunity for individuals to sharpen their teamwork, communication, leadership skills, and networking in a risk-free and comfortable environment.

Benefits of Participating
Build a Powerful Network
DeerHack is the perfect platform to find like-minded people and build your connections.
Career Opportunities
Showcase talents, gain hands-on experience, and develop crucial skills like problem-solving and teamwork for career success.
Support for Your Ideas
DeerHack is dedicated to fostering ideas that drive global change and provide new solutions.
Interpersonal Development
Embrace the challenge at DeerHack and watch as your interpersonal skills evolve under pressure, transforming you into a more resilient and effective collaborator.


Interactive Technology
Data Science / Machine Learning
Open Innovation

Interactive Technology

Enter the World of IoT with DeerHack. Explore connectivity, innovation, and the future of global interaction.


Rs. 15,000


Grand Prize

Rs. 50,000

Track Winner

Rs. 15,000

for each track


Ethereum Track

best hack built on Ethereum

worth $150

Ethereum + Polygon

best hack built on Ethereum + Polygon

worth $150


best use of Filecoin and/or IPFS

worth $200


winning project deployed on Replit

worth $150


Young Gun

best beginner project just starting out on Solana

worth $200


Master Glasseater

best advanced project that is almost ready for full-time

worth $500


Rising Teknoking

best award that goes into depth, demonstrating higher-order code

worth $250

And Many More Gifts and Swags for Everyone!
What Else Can You Expect at DeerHack?

Fun Games

Get ready to unleash your competitive spirit and bond with fellow participants in a series of exciting challenges and friendly competitions.

Some Fun Games Played at Deerhack 2023


Live Music

DeerHack 2023

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  • Deerhack2023 Images
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  • Deerhack2023 Images

Judges for DeerHack 2024

Image of Ayush Subedi

Ayush Subedi

Staff Data Scientist, CloudFactory

Image of Jayanti Mala Chapagain

Jayanti Mala Chapagain

Founder, Spiker Solutions

Image of Er. Bikash Gurung

Er. Bikash Gurung

President, Robotics Association of Nepal

Image of Rashika Karki

Rashika Karki

Software Engineer, Major league hacking

Image of Sweta Karna

Sweta Karna

VP of Data, Cedar Gate Services

Mentors for DeerHack 2024

Image of Umesh Regmi

Umesh Regmi

Teacher, DTC

Image of Er. Sushan Shakya

Er. Sushan Shakya

Data Engineer, Verisk

Image of Aashutosh Poudel

Aashutosh Poudel

CEO, Info Shapers

Image of Rahul Raj Shah

Rahul Raj Shah

Sr. Embedded Engineer, Bottle Technology

Image of Avinash Mishra

Avinash Mishra

Sr. Software Engineer, Leapfrog Technology

Image of Mala Deep Upadhaya

Mala Deep Upadhaya

Data Consultant, Dataksha Analytics

Image of Gokarna Baskota

Gokarna Baskota

Electronics Engineer, Yarsa Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Image of Arun Ghimire

Arun Ghimire

ML Engineer, Olive Group

Image of Diwas Maharjan

Diwas Maharjan

Design Lead, Hamro Patro

Image of Labbi Karmacharya

Labbi Karmacharya

Associate Data Scientist, CloudFactory

Image of Minalma Basnet

Minalma Basnet

Customer Operations Manager, SecurityPal

Image of Sumesh Gajmer

Sumesh Gajmer

Sr. Software Engineer, Hamro Patro

Image of Sagar Siwakoti

Sagar Siwakoti

Sr. Software Engineer, Hamro Patro

Image of Russell Subedi

Russell Subedi

Software Engineer, Hamro Patro

Image of Sudhir Bhattarai

Sudhir Bhattarai

Sr. Software Engineer, Hamro Patro


About the Event

Event Logistics

Participation Guidelines


DeerHack is an event at Deerwalk Institute of Technology where individuals or teams collaborate to bring forward software or hardware-based solutions to a problem and work intensively for a set amount of time.

While DeerHack is a 48-Hour program, DeerHack also has a lot of other fun, team-building events lined up for the participants which will take place from 10th to 12th May 2023 making DeerHack a 3-Day event collectively.

Anyone can participate in DeerHack, regardless of their background or skill level. But do make sure that you have the skill set to make your solution a reality.

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Event Summary

Mode: In-person

Venue: Deerwalk Complex

Date: 10th-12th May, 2024

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