Meet The Organizers

Event Leads

Image of Aashutosh Pudasaini

Aashutosh Pudasaini

Image of Sampanna Gautam

Sampanna Gautam

Design Team

Image of Aashish Kadel

Aashish Kadel

Image of Shabda Shrestha

Shabda Shrestha

Image of Suprasanna Parajuli

Suprasanna Parajuli

Image of Adhit Upadhyay

Adhit Upadhyay

Image of Pranjal Raut

Pranjal Raut

Technical Team

Image of Bijay Shrestha

Bijay Shrestha

Image of Krish Devkota

Krish Devkota

Documentation Team

Image of Samrat Nakarmi

Samrat Nakarmi

Operations and Logistics

Image of Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma

Image of Rahul Shah

Rahul Shah

Image of Sunav Sharma

Sunav Sharma

Image of Sneha Shrestha

Sneha Shrestha

Image of Aashutosh Bikram Karki

Aashutosh Bikram Karki

Image of Akhilesh Sharma

Akhilesh Sharma

Judges and Mentor Coordinators

Image of Piyush Rimal

Piyush Rimal

Outreach Team

Image of Kohinoor Shrestha

Kohinoor Shrestha

Image of Sankalpa Aryal

Sankalpa Aryal

Image of Ayush Thapaliya

Ayush Thapaliya

Image of Pranita Karki

Pranita Karki

Image of Sameer Nepal

Sameer Nepal

PR and Social Media

Image of Sepia Shrestha

Sepia Shrestha

Image of Yojana Gajurel

Yojana Gajurel

IT Department

Image of Pranaya Shrestha

Pranaya Shrestha

Image of Saurav Dhakal

Saurav Dhakal

Image of Nishant Khadka

Nishant Khadka

Image of Sakar Shrestha

Sakar Shrestha


Image of Ansa Bhandari

Ansa Bhandari

Image of Srijan Dahal

Srijan Dahal

Image of Aashish Sapkota

Aashish Sapkota

Image of Suprit Phuyal

Suprit Phuyal

Image of Bijan Kc Bhurtel

Bijan Kc Bhurtel

Image of Sagar Bhusal

Sagar Bhusal

Image of Srijal Joshi

Srijal Joshi

Image of Kaustuv Shrestha

Kaustuv Shrestha

Image of Ritu Pudasaini

Ritu Pudasaini

Image of Kritishma Singh Maharjan

Kritishma Singh Maharjan

Image of Dipan Silwal

Dipan Silwal

Image of Parth Poudyal

Parth Poudyal

Image of Kirtan Malakar

Kirtan Malakar

Image of  Prajwol Bohara

Prajwol Bohara

Image of Deep Singh Rawal

Deep Singh Rawal

Image of Dirasha Rajbhandari

Dirasha Rajbhandari

Image of Paruhangma Limbu

Paruhangma Limbu

Image of Arunesh Manandhar

Arunesh Manandhar

Image of Shreema Bhandari

Shreema Bhandari

Image of Subikshya Acharya

Subikshya Acharya

Image of Ashwinee Parajuli

Ashwinee Parajuli

Image of Keshab Rachit Regmi

Keshab Rachit Regmi

Image of Bipin Bartaula

Bipin Bartaula

Image of Kritish Chapagain

Kritish Chapagain

Image of Saugat  KC

Saugat KC